Specializing in Construction Management, General Contracting & Sustainability

Licensed in 41 States + Canada

We are a general contracting firm with the ability to work in multiple states and Canada.  We are a managing general contractor with practical experience over a wide range of construction.  With the ability to identify subcontractor throughout the United States and Canada to perform work beneficial to the project.  We have developed the ability to travel, manage and identify subcontractors for the success of projects throughout the United States and Canada.

Our Mission & Values

To provide a product to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations while maintaining reasonable costs for the project.  This sounds simple but it can only be achieved by employees dedicated to their work and job site.  Gioffre’s mission is to develop employees dedicated and loyal to Gioffre so they will perform above the normal employees in the construction industry.


Past Work

The Difference

Gioffre has accomplished its business model through the direct involvement of Upper Management in the everyday business of the company with very judicial delegation of responsibility, company values and company ethics to its general mangers.

Experience the Difference

I was extremely impressed with the professionalism displayed by your entire staff. Every individual on your team took true ownership of the project and it was a point of pride with them to assure us that the work was done correctly, on time, on budget, and with the highest quality standards.

Johnathan Gioffre - Owner of Modern Energy

The Ohio State University


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