What is CM?

Construction Management is the involvement of Gioffre Companies with a client, in which the client has hired consultants i.e. (architect, engineers and designers) for their project.  Gioffre would manage and coordinate the preliminary budgeting and construction phase of the project with the client and in concert with the consultants. 

How We Fulfill the CM Role

As the construction manager Gioffre Companies would assist in the preliminary budgeting of a project based on information provided by the owner/client and their consultants.  Preliminary budgeting would then be reviewed to assure all components that the client has requested are accounted for in the budget.  The preliminary budget would also be reviewed for its impact on the overall cost and compare the budget to see if it works with in the client’s business plan.  If modifications are needed to meet the client’s business plan then Gioffre Companies would work with the client and their consultants to make the necessary adjustments to meet the business plan.  Once a preliminary budget is established the consultants’ would then prepare CD’s (Construction Drawings) for the estimate reflecting total construction cost.  Once the owner client approves total cost Gioffre Companies would then precede with the construction phase of the project. 

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